Ken Loades & Kai Logan

Passionate about our products. Passionate about your event!

Highland Cater Hire was set up by Directors Ken Loades and Kai Logan. 

Ken Loades - with in excess of 20 years experience in the hospitality industry, a keen eye for detail and an ever lasting desire to meet the demands of the fast paced hospitality sector, Ken endeavours to never let the customer down. 
" after being in kitchens for years, before going on to own and operate 7 of Inverness top establishments with Cru holdings, I know what's its like on the other side of the curtain. Hopefully with my extensive knowledge I will be able to assist and advise our clients, to help them reach and over come all the hurdles that come their way. After many years of working together of individual projects, its great to finally be able to link up with Kai and deliver an new product to the Highlands and Islands" 

Kai Logan - as founder of KBE sound and lighting, Kai has years of experience running various events throughout the Highlands and Islands. At this stage having seen it all there are very little obstacles that KBE can't manage. with that knowledge and now the addition of Highland Cater Hire facilities, we will soon be able to be the one stop shop for all your event needs. 
"linking up with Ken just made sense, we are both incredibly motivated and will work hard to create a great name and an even better product to serve the Highlands with."

Highland Cater Hire was set up as a Joint Venture between one of the Highlands most prominent hospitality operators, Cru Holdings, and equally reputable events company KBE.

With decades of experience in both events and what it takes to keep them running, the team formed HCH our of necessity to service its existing clients.

However the demand from other clients soon followed, and Highland Cater Hire grew very quickly to help service this.

Whether you are holding a small local wedding or a large international conference, we have the equipment, the team, and the experience to ensure you are fully equipped to deliver a seamless experience to your clients or guests.