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All orders are accepted subject to the following terms and conditions:
Prospective hirers are therefore requested to make themselves familiar with all section.
In these terms and conditions the word “Owner” shall be deemed to refer to Highland Cater Hire Ltd. The ‘Hirer” means the person or Company who ordered the equipment.

(1.1) The prices specified on the Price List are for one day’s hire only. Goods are supplied the day prior to use and returned the day after use. Additional days hire are charged at 0.5 times of the hire charge per day.
(1.2) The hiring shall be deemed to continue until all equipment is received by the Owner.
(2.1) Hire rates include fair wear and tear only, and when equipment is returned in a condition other than when received by the Hirer a charge for cleaning, reconditioning, renewing or replacing will be made where considered necessary by the Owner. Damage through damp or wet will be charged for. 
(3.1) Substitutes for lost, damaged or broken equipment cannot be accepted. Equipment returned which is not the property of the Owner will be retained for a period of 4 weeks. After this time the Owner reserves the right to dispose of such equipment.
(4.1) The Hirer shall pay in respect of all equipment not returned, a sum equal to the standard list price (new purchase) of such equipment. Highland Cater Hire figures to be taken as final. Hire charges will not be taken into account in calculating the monies due under this clause. The Owner is not responsible for returning to uplift goods that were unavailable for collection at the delivery point on the agreed date. The Owner will NOT search through premises to locate items. Goods invoiced to the hirer as lost then subsequently found can be returned by the hirer within 28 days and a credit will be raised. Please be aware that it can take up to 6 weeks to process and order through our washroom.
(4.2) All equipment let out on hire, including equipment charged for under clause above, always remains the property of the Owner, and Hirers shall, so far as they lawfully can, assist the Owner to resume possession of any equipment not returned, when appropriate credit will be given.
(4.3) The Hirer is wholly responsible for all equipment from time of delivery until returned, and liable for damage during transit, or due to fire, theft, burglary, breakages or other losses, and should ensure safekeeping of equipment awaiting collection. In his own interest, the Hirer should arrange insurance cover.
Equipment should be checked by the Hirer, before use, and any deficiencies should be reported immediately to the Owner. Phone 01463213363 , 24-hour answerphone.
Claims for refunds after completion of hire, on the grounds that some of the equipment was not used, arrived damaged, or was missing on delivery, cannot be considered.
(5.1) The Owner will take every precaution to ensure that the equipment is clean, polished, and in good condition upon delivery.
(5.2) All deliveries of equipment will be made to the nearest point undercover at ground level at Hirer’s premises. Goods must be returned to the point of delivery and stacked/packed the way they were delivered. An off-site labour charge of £80.00 per hour + vat charged in 15 minute blocks will be made for further sub-deliveries, setting up or dismantling equipment, or for tracing shortages. Drivers and porters are not authorized to check equipment. Off site checking is available at the stated off site labour charge. Deliveries are charged at £1.80 +vat per mile postcode to postcode. Minimum charge is £8.00 +vat.
(5.3) Delivery times are, at our discretion, between 7.45am and 8.30pm. Business hours are 9.00am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday and 9.00am to 2.00pm Saturday and Sunday.
(5.4) Out of Business hours call outs and deliveries/collections are charged at £125.00 + vat plus mileage before midnight and Saturdays and £225 + vat plus mileage after midnight or Sundays.
(5.5) If deliveries are to be made within the Hirer’s or a third party’s premises the Owner will accept no responsibility and will not be liable for any damage or loss resulting to Hirer’s or third party’s premises.
(6.1) In the event of heavy demand upon our stock, the Owner reserves the right to substitute any item or items.
(7.1) All goods must be paid for on or before delivery. Third party invoicing cannot be considered. All invoices charged to account holders must be settled net 31 days. Accounts not paid within this period will be considered overdue and may be referred to our debt management consultants incurring further costs which the Hirer will be liable for. Interest will be charged at 8% of overdue balance per month or part thereof.
(7.2) The Owner retains the right to repossess the equipment should the Hirer contravene any of these conditions and the Hirer by acceptance thereof obliges self to give access to the Owner for that purpose. The execution of any order is subject to variation or cancellation from any cause beyond the Owners control eg Fire, strikes, lockouts, storm and tempest etc.
These terms and conditions of hire are effective from 01 May 2023, and supersede all previous terms and conditions.

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